Saving horses from slaughter, sharing them with the world!


We offer an exclusive two-hour horse experience on our historic ranch, minutes from downtown Fredericksburg. Trail rides are offered once daily at 11am, and must be booked at least 24 hours in advance. We welcome riders of all skill levels, from beginner to experienced, children to adults, and integrate everyone seamlessly into one amazing 3.5 mile trail ride!

Horse Lessons

(COMING SOON, ARENA UNDER CONSTRUCTION) Rozanna is offering the exclusive opportunity to book private or group lessons select weekdays on our amazing rescued horses. Students will be asked what their ultimate riding goal is, and assessed for skill level. Rozanna uses a mixture of Sally Swift teachings, her own branded Common Sense Horsemanship, and California Vaquero methods for her one-of-a-kind FUN curriculum geared toward anyone of any age, and most levels.


Head on over to our online ranch store and pick up your souvenirs! Ride for the brand! We've got everything from logos, original art of each of our horses, fleece blankets, tin cups, t-shirts  hoodies, and iconic phrases from our ranch. Don't miss out! Soon we'll be adding even more items. Every sale from the Ranch Merch store further helps our cause and is BY DONATION (not tax deductible at this time). 

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Coming soon, we are offering the unique, healthy, and delicious opportunity to purchase packaged cuts or percentages of grass-fed authentic ranch-raised Longhorn beef. Our cattle never taste processed feeds, are free of all chemicals/vaccinations/pesticides, and live out their happy days as cattle should- eating grass soaking up the sun, roaming free.

We really do live an authentic Cowboy lifestyle out here. A life of freedom, abundance, happiness, and peace, just like what you'll taste in every quality cut of our beef. You really are what you eat!



What People Say


A wonderful experience! Rozanna and her husband made us feel very welcome. They're doing amazing work with the horses and you can tell they care deeply about them! Overall, it was the perfect length for a trail ride and we had such a fun time! Would highly recommend!


What a wonderful experience. Awesome communication. I needed a unique birthday surprise for my 10 year old and this was it. She had a great time and really enjoyed working with the horses from beginning to end. If you want to work with real people and fell like you are a friend, look no further.


I would definitely recommend going out to Rozanna's ranch for the trail riding! Not only will you have fun but they are saving horses that are bound for kill pens and the trail riding helps save horses lives.

What Makes Us Different

We are the first guest ranch in the world to use exclusively horses rescued from slaughter. We've been featured on HGTV, Travel Channel, Rock & Vine Magazine Summer 2020 cover, and center featured story for what we do. Our amazing horses have captured the hearts of people all over the world, placing us top 10% in the WORLD for all experiences.

 It is astounding the quality of horses that sadly get tossed to the wayside for any number of reasons by their owners. These horses often end up in the slaughter pipeline bound for Mexico or Canada. Their meat is exported to Europe and Japan, finding it's way on menus and plates of high-end restaurants there. 100,000 American horses are shipped across our borders every year to slaughter.

We are taking a stand and doing our part to STOP the heinous and dishonest act of exporting American pet and sport horses for food items of the elite in other countries. Americans voted in 2011 against horse slaughter within the US, but this is a dirty trick around what we already came together and voted NO on. 

You can help us save lives by booking a trail ride with us, sharing our photos, videos, and posts on Social Media, or contacting us directly to help you find and save a slaughter bound horse of your own.

#ADOPTDONTSHOP Together we can solve this problem. 


Horse Angels

If you'd like to help our cause without booking a trail ride, you can do so by donating any amount using the PayPal link below. We often help "bail out" other slaughter-bound horses that have forever home offers but not enough funds to pay for them in full. 




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To some, this may seem obvious (you'll know who you are). OUR HORSES ARE NOT RECREATIONAL VEHICLES. They are living, breathing, feeling creatures with thoughts and emotions of their own. Our purpose in providing this fantastic experience is to give people a taste of our life, real interaction and connection with horses. This is not a "pony ride" experience. Our horses are not automated robots. Neither are our horses there to be "rented" and treated like a vehicle. If you do not intend to experience the beauty, connection, spirit, and wonder of a horse, and happily follow along with our group, then please move along. Our experience is 100% AUTHENTIC, and is not set up to commercialize or exploit horses for sheer profit. Our horses are a part of our family, they are treated like such, and we expect guests to treat them as such. You can do this by happily following the instructions you're given without rebuttal. For reasons stated above, we only host ONE trail ride per day and do not host multiple times or rides, or "walk-ons".

While we welcome riders of EVERY skill level, and happily intermix them in groups, you will be required and expected to take instruction and follow it regardless of age. Adults included. We've heard many times before "I've ridden all my life and know how to ride", "I take lessons every week, I know how to ride". (Eye roll) Ok Scooter, GREAT! Now be prepared to learn how to ride the way we do things- THE RIGHT WAY, our way, that keeps everyone SAFE. No one knows everything there is to know, so if you're not willing to pay attention and learn the way we do things, please move along. We even learn something new from our horses every day. That's the point of life, never be such an "expert" you can't expand your mind.

We're glad to have you come along with us, understanding the above.

If what we had to say ruffles your feathers or doesn't resonate with you, we wish you the best, Happy Trails.


Meet The Hosts

Heath and Rozanna Sasko, husband and wife team, living the dream!

Heath is a 7th Generation Texas Native, and life-long cattleman. His expertise, and limitless knowledge of wildlife make him an excellent conversation and back-rider on the trail. Heath's quiet, but "take charge" personality make him the perfect person to have as the "rear point guard" on the trail, looking out for the back riders on larger trail rides. Heath's quiet, but firm personality make him easy to learn from. He is always happy to offer an honest, to-the-point, digestible answer.

Rozanna is a life-long cowgirl from the Central Coast of California. Her home county is heavily steeped in historic cowboy tradition, and lifestyle, dating back to the original cowboys, the Vaqueros. Rozanna grew up training horses, performing in rodeo's, writing cowboy poetry, working as a ranch-hand at a horse-powered ranch/kids camp, teaching/training people and horses to ride and drive horse-drawn equipment. She is the real deal, with a bubbly personality and heads the trail rides. Rozanna has taught many people from children to adults, regular folks to Hollywood stars. No matter your skill level, age, or where you hail from, Rozanna is the perfect teacher to connect with patience and a can-do/will-do attitude.