Release of Liability

I understand and agree that Blue Moon Ranch, 2867 FM 1376, and all properties/parcels persons associated with the above named property/s, known as Blue Moon Ranch, shall remain 100% without liability for any injuries/death that may occur to any persons including myself on this property or off of this property for ANY reason, including horseback riding. All activities on this property are at my own risk. I understand no promises are made of safety/soundness of any animal on this property or after it leaves. I understand Blue Moon Ranch and any persons associated, including Heath, Rozanna, and Brant Sasko shall remain NOT liable for any injuries to any person/s, animals, property, etc by any animal on this property or leaving this property. I understand that being outdoors in nature and on horseback can be dangerous and hold only myself liable for injury or death of myself and/or any person in my party. I agree I shall not slander, libel, or leave negative comments/reviews about Blue Moon Ranch, their livestock, horses, owners, or persons associated with them. I take full responsibility for my actions and the actions of anyone else in my party including accompanying minors. I agree that I FULLY understand the safety risks of riding double with a child should I elect to do so. I have read this entire form fully understand what it says and agree. I have fully explained to and/or had every person in my party read this entire agreement, they fully understand it, and can agree FOR them (by clicking the check box at booking) that they understand/will abide by everything outlined in this document. I understand that by booking a trail ride through this online platform, via text message, email, verbally, or on any social media platform I immediately assume full responsibility for injury or death to me or any person/s in my party. I understand and agree from this moment forth. 

I understand that refusal to follow instructions, crying children, a sour attitude, or any back-talk will result in my being removed from my horse, my child removed from their horse, and a long walk back without my horse with no refund. I have read ALL OF THE BOOKING POLICY. I UNDERSTAND AND AGREE. EVERYONE IN MY PARTY UNDERSTANDS AND AGREES.

I understand that there is NO mounting block for trail rides, and any person weighing more than 35lbs must be able to get on their full-sized horse unassisted. NO MOUNTING BLOCKS/STEP STOOLS ALLOWED!

I agree to follow any and all horseback instructions given. 

I understand that horses are animals with emotions and feelings of their own , they can be unpredictable and I am made no promise that they will behave as I think they should.

I agree that I am responsible for my child's actions.

I understand and agree that I will stay on my horse for the entire trail ride, or will walk back without my horse.

I understand and agree that I will not ride or receive a refund if I am more than 20 minutes late.

I agree that under no circumstances will I leave a negative or bad review of any kind on any platform social media, google, search engine, or otherwise.  

I understand that my attitude about and during the experience, my ability to follow instructions, and the time a spend with my horse determines if it is positive or negative and I take full responsibility for that.

I UNDERSTAND BY BOOKING I WILL RECEIVE NO REFUND FOR ANY REASON (with exception of HOST cancelling due to their decision about dangerous weather/conditions). A $25 rescheduling fee will apply to each person on a reservation that needs to reschedule at least 20 days in advance. A $50 rescheduling fee will apply to each person on a reservation that needs to reschedule any less than 20 days in advance, up to 7 days prior to scheduled ride. 7 days or less rescheduling or "no-shows"/late arrivals will NOT be refunded. Approved rescheduling must be completed within 60 days of original reservation.

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